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Gluten-Free Libations Prevail at Lost Boy Cider

From apples and raspberries to hot peppers and wild plums, the cider-makers at Lost Boy Cider enlist all types of core ingredients to craft their gluten-free pours. The “gluten-free” part is critical for the founder, Tristan, who is a reformed beer and whiskey drinker. When he was diagnosed with a gluten allergy, he was devastated—until he discovered a new passion for cider that eventually drew him to this new career.

At the helm of the cider-making cellar, Tristan collaborates with his talented team to constantly craft new and improved ciders that aren’t just gluten-free. They’re also surprising and delicious. With a handful of non-alcoholic beverages also on tap, everyone should be able to find a drink that suits them in the Lost Boy Cider taproom. You can’t go wrong with the classic apple-based Comeback Kid cider or the raspberry-centric Wingman, but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, throw back the En Fuego cider infused with hot peppers or the Plum Wild cider with foraged plums at its heart. More than 15 ciders and hard seltzers are always on draft at Lost Boy Cider, along with alcohol-free drinks like the Prohibition (fizzy apple cider) and the house-made ginger ale.

June 03, 2022 • Share
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