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Learn Some Spooky Local Stories on the Ghost & Graveyard Tour

Alexandria has such a rich history that it should come as no surprise that the city also has its fair share of ghost stories. Learn all about the specters that still roam Old Town’s streets at the Ghost & Graveyard Tour this summer! 

A guide from Alexandria Colonial Tours gets dressed up in traditional 18th-century garb to lead you through the streets of Alexandria’s historic district by flickering lantern light. Pull on a pair of comfy walking shoes so you can enjoy the leisurely stroll through Old Town at dusk. Your guide will weave tales of local hauntings, delve into Alexandria’s oldest legends, and explore the city’s folklore. If this tour sounds a little too spooky for you, you can always opt for the classic Alexandria History Tour instead. For this tour, your guide will stick to the facts. As your heels click against the brick-lined streets, they’ll explain how George Washington spent his time in what became his adopted hometown, and you’ll get to see some of the places he grabbed a bite to eat or attended formal soirees with colleagues. 

June 10, 2022 • Share
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