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Pawsitively Successful: Dylan & Reese’s Pet Yoga Event Delights Alexandria, VA!

Hey there, pet-loving yogis of Alexandria! We couldn’t be more thrilled to share the woof-tastic success of our recent Pet Yoga event for residents of Dylan & Reese. On July 8th, our community came together for a day filled with furry fun, flexibility, and four-legged friends.

Led by the wonderful team from YogaSix, our Pet Yoga class saw an incredible turnout, with about 15 enthusiastic participants joining in on the downward dog fun. And that’s not all – we were thrilled to welcome over 10 more attendees who dropped by to watch the adorable action and explore the vibrant array of vendors.

YogaSix, known for their expertise in creating Zen-like experiences, guided our furry companions and their owners through an invigorating and relaxing yoga session, emphasizing the importance of bonding and well-being for both humans and their pets. The positive energy and the strong connections formed during the event truly reflected the spirit of Dylan & Reese’s tight-knit community.

Our two pet-loving vendors, Pick N Pack Treats and Love Bites Dog Treats, brought their A-game with delightful table set-ups. The wagging tails and happy faces spoke volumes about the quality of their products and the love they have for our furry friends.

It’s events like these that make Dylan & Reese truly feel like a home for all – both two-legged and four-legged! So, until we roll out the mats again, remember, every day is a chance to unleash new adventures. Stay tuned, stay active, and most importantly, stay pawsitive!

September 01, 2023 • Share
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